12 Feb

Once again…

You know when you think you know what you’re doing and you start messing around with things thinking, “I got this.”

I didn’t have it.

Well I did, but then I lost track of it and then with one click…it was gone.

I had my back up for the website in a folder,  safe and sound on my server. Somehow in my clicky-clickerson-ness…I checked the box and didn’t notice.

It was all deleted. ALL DELETED.


The last time I did it…I was messing with my SQL database and code. Didn’t make note of the changes I was making and then…well it was gone.

I found a few posts on the wayback machine..but most didn’t get cached.

Starting over yet again.

I have since set up my site  to back up automatically weekly. In the event that I decide to go messing with shit again…I’ll be covered.

So if you wondered…that’s where it all went.