09 Apr


Had a wonderful opportunity to make a mess on a wall recently at Habitat For Humanity here in Kingston:)

It was great fun, and hard work. I wasn’t happy with the lettering but really, for free hand it turned out not too bad.

I would love to do a more artistic piece on a larger scale one day. This one was pretty mainstream and is about 8′ X 8″. ┬áIt took a little over a week to complete but only because I work full time and had to fit in painting with my regular job…so it was a lot of evenings…


Great organization and really although I received some remuneration for the work, it was a lot of donated hours, just to have the opportunity to do it:) It is very cool actually, that this piece will be there for years. I hope people aren’t afraid to touch it…there is some texture to it though not as much as I would have liked.


Another piece another day perhaps.