18 Feb

Empty Nest FTW!

Okay. Here’s the recipe:

2 Grown Adults

1 Domestic setting devoid of children or visitors

4-5 hours worth of sheer boredom

40 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up internet speed

So you take all of the above, add a modest income ( sometimes 2 incomes when I’m not busy being unemployed), add a totally juvenile and slightly delinquent mentality or two and what you get is an apartment that looks more like the set for Mr. Dressup than a domestic residence for a “mature” couple. Backdrops, props, wires, disco balls, webcams and video cameras…and tiaras.

Plus an amazing and awesome tinfoil hat (made by yours truly).

Because we can. So there.

And no pervy-pervistons…it’s not for porn…although we could  probably make a quick buck or two…

No this is purely hobby and fun. And we do it because we can.

There will be more on this I hope in the months to come. Some fun stuff is planned and I’ll update here as well as Instagram, Twitter and facebook…etc.

The image is the “old one”…once the new site gets up and running I’ll have to do some updating…

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