18 Feb

Empty Nest FTW!

Okay. Here’s the recipe:

2 Grown Adults

1 Domestic setting devoid of children or visitors

4-5 hours worth of sheer boredom

40 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up internet speed

So you take all of the above, add a modest income ( sometimes 2 incomes when I’m not busy being unemployed), add a totally juvenile and slightly delinquent mentality or two and what you get is an apartment that looks more like the set for Mr. Dressup than a domestic residence for a “mature” couple. Backdrops, props, wires, disco balls, webcams and video cameras…and tiaras.

Plus an amazing and awesome tinfoil hat (made by yours truly).

Because we can. So there.

And no pervy-pervistons…it’s not for porn…although we could  probably make a quick buck or two…

No this is purely hobby and fun. And we do it because we can.

There will be more on this I hope in the months to come. Some fun stuff is planned and I’ll update here as well as Instagram, Twitter and facebook…etc.

The image is the “old one”…once the new site gets up and running I’ll have to do some updating…

18 Feb

Have I told you…

Have I told you the story of how I met my husband? I don’t think I ever did.

Well…what a hoot it was!


I was just coming off of a 7 year episode of agoraphobia. Couldn’t leave my house, and the rare times when I did, I had to have someone with me.

One of the weirdest things I have ever had to deal with honestly.

Any way… so I had gone through therapy and was feeling a bit better. I was going out more and for the first time in my life at 32 years old, sat and had a cup of coffee in a restaurant all alone.

I spent a lot of time online while recovering as well as going out more often. Any method I could find to be social seemed to make things much better. One day I wandered across a link to a video blogging site. BlogTV.ca.

I was hooked. I started chatting, then actually doing little “shows” as well. Then the opportunity to head across Canada for a big weekend camp out came up. I would be staying with some of the people I had met online.

Who does that? Who just packs up and travels across the country to meet a bunch of weirdos in Ontario?

Any hoo…I did it. It was more about proving to myself that I could face the fears and do it than to actually meet everyone. I mean I loved meeting everyone and boy did I have fun…but for me it was a life confirming thing that was all mine.

Now I had been chatting with a fella who had been doing bachelor style cooking shows online. I liked him a lot.

I went to the camp out in Woodstock Ontario and had a blast!!! Then stopped in and met my Husband for the the first time in person. This is the actual picture I took of the moment I saw him.


A little blurry…I was so damn excited I nearly hung myself when I forgot to unhook my seatbelt. I was hanging out of the car with the seatbelt cutting across my midsection as I took this picture.

This is the exact moment I knew. Isn’t that awesome? How many people have a picture of the exact moment they fell in love?

So, we met hung out a bit and then I had to go back to Vancouver.

We chatted more, then started making phone calls and talking till the wee hours, we spoke everyday and he was 100% exactly as he portrayed himself to be. In fact most of the people I met were straight up, not all of them…but the ones that were important were and I never lost contact with them.

A year after that visit, he came to Vancouver to bring me back to Ontario. It took us two years but we made it back.

A big thank you goes out to my absolutely insane sister for all of it too. She sent me to Ontario and back and funded my insanity while there. And when the Hubby and I needed to get back to Ontario she helped us again.

It really was an amazing thing.

We kept on with BlogTV.ca until the site went belly up. One of the bloggers purchased the domain name and hung onto it.

Well now…it looks like BlogTV.ca is going to make a comeback and guess what? We’re ridiculously into it. It’ll be…well…like a reunion.

17 Feb

Lost and found…

So again I find myself with far too much time on my hands. Aside from looking for work…I really have far too many hours in the day to try to fill with something meaningful and useful.

I found myself wandering around the house today…looking for something. I didn’t know what I was looking for but figured I’d know it when I found it.

I never found it and had no choice but to sit my ass back down and spend yet a few more hours staring at on-line jobs and customizing my resume to send to them.

Makes me go a little snakey…

So I did a little browsing and  googling to kill some time.

I still have a few sewing projects to do that I didn’t have time for when I working from 7 am to 5pm…

I also made a tinfoil hat. More about that later…maybe… I mean I know this is supposed to be where I release my inner weirdo…

All in good time.

12 Feb

Once again…

You know when you think you know what you’re doing and you start messing around with things thinking, “I got this.”

I didn’t have it.

Well I did, but then I lost track of it and then with one click…it was gone.

I had my back up for the website in a folder,  safe and sound on my server. Somehow in my clicky-clickerson-ness…I checked the box and didn’t notice.

It was all deleted. ALL DELETED.


The last time I did it…I was messing with my SQL database and code. Didn’t make note of the changes I was making and then…well it was gone.

I found a few posts on the wayback machine..but most didn’t get cached.

Starting over yet again.

I have since set up my site  to back up automatically weekly. In the event that I decide to go messing with shit again…I’ll be covered.

So if you wondered…that’s where it all went.